Top 12 tips to improve your image – men

Nowadays, men spend more time and energy perfecting how they look that ever before. How you present yourself at work and in your social life is hugely important.

Here are 12 top ways to look great and feel more confident.

  1. Always maintain great personal hygiene – sounds like a no-brainer, but it has to be said – a daily shower is an absolute necessity.

  2. Stubble may look sexy but it is unprofessional and can look a little bit ‘shabby’ in 
business – not a good look.
  3. Suit or jacket colours should be classic and neutral and so you can mix and match with a variety of shirts, ties etc.
  4. In business situations, always wear a tie when meeting a new client.

  5. Always ensure that your tie is free from stains. Keep a spare one in your car or

  6. Polish shoes regularly. That means cloth/brush and polish. Avoid chemical sponge-
on cleaners which will ruin your shoes.

  7. Wear clothes that fit. Sounds obvious, but jacket sleeves or trouser legs that are too long or short is not a good look. Wearing a suit that does not fit properly makes it look like you don’t pay attention to detail.

  8. If your neck size is such that your shirt is big on the torso, opt for a slim or
 contemporary fit. It will knock lbs. off your look.
  9. If you are balding or thinning on top, it’s best to keep your hair short and styled.

  10. Give yourself the once-over in a full length mirror every morning before leaving the 
house. Check yourself from the back too.
  11. Wear accessories that express quality like a good watch which is a great finishing 
touch. Avoid cheap or high fashion jewellery.
  12. Practice positive body language. A warm smile, a firm handshake and good posture
 are an essential part of your image