The Wow Factor And How To Get It!

Did you ever meet someone who has just got that ‘wow’ factor – people who just ‘blew us away’? They influence simply by their personality, their looks and their charisma.

People often say to me – ‘it’s ok for them, they were just born that way’.  I am not sure I agree with that. When it comes to impact or charisma, I have seen too many people develop their attributes in many ways with some professional advice, training and of course, the occasional makeover!


Influencers tend to be constantly learning. They are positive as well – they tend to always look on the bright side of things no matter what. They have a very ‘can-do’ attitude and always look for solutions.  

Influential people also make us feel good. They have more than just impact – they move us. Their ability to connect with other people and to get us thinking in a different way seems like an innate ability.

You can become more influential. You don’t need a personality transplant! Simply by adopting new attitudes about yourself and others will help build rapport. If you have self-belief that you can achieve something and visualise your success, you are more likely to achieve the results you want. Often in work situations, we get pre-occupied about ourselves and the job at hand. However, the key is to develop a perspective on what’s in it for the other person. This is particularly important when pitching or selling a new idea, product or service to a potential new client.

First impressions matter! Your personal brand is crucial in the charisma stakes! I often find with clients, that once they have a makeover and really hone their visual impact, their confidence grows, their charisma grows and so, their effectiveness and results grow. In our consultations, we focus on our client’s needs and what they are trying to achieve whether that’s a business pitch, leading and trying to influence a team or going for interview.  

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