The Wow Factor And How To Get It!

Did you ever meet someone who has just got that ‘wow’ factor – people who just ‘blew us away’? They influence simply by their personality, their looks and their charisma.

People often say to me – ‘it’s ok for them, they were just born that way’.  I am not sure I agree with that. When it comes to impact or charisma, I have seen too many people develop their attributes in many ways with some professional advice, training and of course, the occasional makeover!

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Radio interview discussing how image matters and how to make the most of yours!

Radio interview on Dublin City FM with Ellen Gunning, discussing the do’s and don’ts of making a great first impression!  How paying attention to detail can really vamp up your look.  Also, what to wear for interview or when pitching to a new client. What do women notice about men?  What do men notice about women?  Does appearance matter? Does image matter? How do our European public figures rate in terms of their image such as Christine Lagarde and Ankela Merkel?  Some tips and advice on dressing for success.


Dublin City FM radio interview on how to look great