New Year New You – Style Resolutions 2013

It’s that time of year again as 2012 draws to a close that we reflect on our life and what we would like to change to improve ourselves.   While fashion may seem superficial and frivolous to some, how we look and present ourselves to the world  should be a priority because what we wear and how we wear it can have a huge impact on our mood and how we interact with and are perceived by others.  Check out our tips for 2013 designed to help you make the most of your current wardrobe and incorporate some new trends and habits to always look great and feel fabulous!


  1. Weed out your wardrobe – you need to set aside an hour or 2 and go through your wardrobe and be ruthless.  Get rid of all of those items you haven’t worn in a long time, any items still with the tags on or any garments that are just taking up valuable space.   You will probably be surprised at what you might find.  Making space in your wardrobe is very liberating.  This is a time for letting go and this applies to clothes as well!
  2. Wear more colour – if you look in your wardrobe and all you see is lots of black or other drab colours, resolve to add lots more color and brighten up your mood as well as your wardrobe.  A coloured bag, scarf or jewellery piece can really add new life to any neutral or dark colour.
  3. Smarten up – it is easy to get stuck in a fashion rut, but if you want to improve your look you need to put a little more thought and effort into your outfits.  Keep an open mind to trying new styles – try things on that you might not have considered before.
  4. Experiment more – get yourself out of your comfort zone.  Try mixing and matching garments in a new way.
  5. Spend more wisely – resolve to avoid any impulse buying.  Decide on what you need to boost your personal style, not what you want.    Aim to recycle and reuse current pieces where possible.
  6. Develop an easy beauty regime – this means cleansing your face every night.  No more going to bed without taking off all the make-up.  Moisturise in the mornings and nourish at night with a night-cream.  Your skin will look and feel fantastic.
  7. Give your make-up bag a makeover – get rid of any out-of-date products and anything else you don’t use on a regular basis.  Time to try out new products and colours to update your look.
  8. Spend more time on yourself.  Sounds selfish? It is important, particularly if you are caring for other people, working long hours and trying to juggle the demans of a busy life that you invest time and energy in yourself – no guilt!
  9. Eat for energy – aim to cut out the junk and eat more healthily.  This will have a positive effect on your skin and hair too.  Small changes can have a big impact!

Wishing you a happy and stylish 2013!