Stuck in a rut? 7 tips for injecting new life into your wardrobe

Just last week, we had our first client of 2013 in studio. A young man, keen to get him self out of the rut of buying the same colours, labels, styles etc. He was keen to get more mileage out of his budget and was feeling a bit bored with his look. This is a very typical trait of what is termed a classic style personality and is not uncommon in both men and women.

You will know if you are a classic stye personality if typically:

  • You find yourself with a lot of the same type of clothes in your wardrobe in terms of colours, styles;
  • You have bought a garment in the past only to come home and find something identical in your wardrobe;
  • You find it difficult to mix and match – you typically just mix and match the same few items in your wardrobe;
  • You tend to play it safe when shopping; You go for the same colours – usual neutral colours such as black, navy, grey, white;
  • You find it more difficult to shop for your non-work wardrobe i.e you casual/smart casual wardrobe.

So, how to inject some new life and fun into your wardrobe. This involves pushing yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone, but there is never a better time than January for doing something like this. Here are our top tips!

  1. Colour is a great way to add new life into your style. Next time you are shopping, try on some colours that you might not have considered in the past. Small steps here – it may be just a scarf, a handbag, a top. Because you have lots of neutral colours (black, grey, navy, brown) in your existing wardrobe, a new ‘accent’ colour (reds, blues, greens, etc) will liven up your wardrobe.
  2. Take a little time to browse magazines or the net and decide on looks, styles and colours that appeal to you and make a mental note.
  3. For the ladies, add some costume jewellery in some new colours.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it will add a new dimension to your look.
  4. For the guys, it may be some new ties which will instantly update a suit and give a fresh look.
  5. If you have always worn black shoes or boots, try on some new colours – there will be plenty of new options particularly coming into the Spring.
  6. Avoid the tendency to buy more work gear! Focus on your ‘outside work’ wardrobe. If they appeal to you but you don’t have a great pair of jeans, now is the time to invest. Alternatively a chino type trouser or casual trousers will be a great addition to your wardrobe.
  7. Visit new shops. Avoid any shops, labels or styles that you have opted for in the past. This is a learning exercise, if you come home with no purchases, don’t worry. Your overall aim is to avoid the samey samey approach that you’ve had up to now.

Its time to inject some fun and interest into your look. It won’t happen overnight, but you will have fun in the process. Don’t be too hard on yoursel.  Alternatively, check out