Hair today, gone tomorrow – how to cope with going bald!

Men with closely-shaven heads are perceived not only to be more dominant than others, but also taller and stronger!  Well, theres a surprise!  These are just some of the findings from the University of Pennsylvania, which has just published the results of an exhaustive sutdy on all matters follicular!


This will be welcome news to many men, young and old who are in the process of ‘growing more face’!  The trick is to avoid any suggestion of a comb-over! Even a teeny one!  Style advice too is that the less hair you have on your head, the shorter and neater your beard and moustache should be, if you have one!  If you are thinning out on top, best advice is to keep a neat, and styled hair-cut. Avoid the temptation of growing the hair a bit longer as this will only emphasise the thinning part.

It is so much easier for men – no colouring, no major styling, no multiple products etc.  Actually, when you think about it, going bald is easy.  And can be very distinguised too!   Oh yes wigs! Don’t go there.  Too much trouble.  Think Terry Wogan with a wig designed for someone about 30 years his junior.

Anyway, according to these latest results, follicly challenged is the way to go!