Emerald – the new black?

Pantone, the world-renowned authority for colour as a standard language for communication, has declared EMERALD as their 2013 colour.  Emerald is a universal colour which means that it is a colour that suits all colourings, whether you are a pale blond or a dark brunette. Expect to see a lot of this colour on the catwalks and on the high street for Spring Summer 2013!  Find out how to to wear your emerald for next season!



Emerald is associated with our our green Isle and all things Irish! The emerald is considered the most beautiful green precious stone that no girl will turn down!  Symbolically, emerald as a colour brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation which is so important is today’s complex world.  Emerald represents tranquility, and of course symbolises nature and harmony.
When looking at emerald as a colour for a garment, you will need to pay a little attention to the shade, and but also to the fabric.

The key here is to choose the right emerald.  Even on their website, Pantone shows many variations of emeralds.  Often the fabric or material used will make the emerald look different.  A shiny silk, brocade, or velvet – in fact all fabrics which reflect the light and sparkle – will show Emerald at its most brilliant.  Emerald in a linen, cotton or wool will appear matt and therefore softer and not as vibrant.

Of course Emerald is not exclusively to be worn head-to-toe.  Whether for work or leisure mixing emerald with other shades from your palette will allow you to achieve a look with is personal and current.  Emerald worn with black or navy can present a very striking look, while emerald with white or ivory will look very fresh and vibrant.  If you are not sure how to inject some colour into your wardrobe, check out own colour consultation details http://imagematters.ie/personal/women

If you are planning a wedding, emerald is a great colour accent particularly when you are thinking of what colour to choose for your bridesmaids when they differ in their personal colouring.  Emerald will suit them all.  Now it only remains for you – and them – to decide on the style and shape of the dress!

What colour make-up to wear when you are wearing emerald ?  Better not to wear a green eyeshadow to ‘match’ what you wear! Unless you are 16, you’ll want to stay clear of the matchy-matchy of eye make-up and garment.  You are much better off using neutral shades of shadows with a hint of green as an accent.  Or, you might want to go all-out and go for a full green eye-shadow as your nod to the colour of the season.  Whatever you do, have fun!