In today’s image-obsessed society, there’s a lot more pressure on people to look the part, whether they are pitching to a new client, representing the corporate brand  or going for a job interview. To survive and thrive in the corporate world, it’s important to project a winning image of confidence, ability and style.  

As an employee, you have to think about your messaging – what is your appearance saying about you? Is it saying ‘I take pride in how I dress when going to work and I look impressive?’  Or,  ‘I couldn’t really be bothered dressing for work and I don’t look as if I have made any effort?’

If you are serious about progressing your career, or simply want to feel good when you catch sight of yourself in a mirror,  you should take some time and effort in how you dress.

For organisations to compete and thrive in these tough economic conditions, employees are their best (or worst!) brand ambassadors.  Are  staff complementing and promoting the business in how they present themselves or are they detracting from the hard work done in promoting your corporate identity.  Are your staff representing your company effectively and impressively at every opportunity?

Unfortunately, in my experience working with companies and individuals within those companies, many key personnel dress with little regard for the role they play in representing their organisation.

The good news is that with some supportive, expert personal branding advice and input, huge improvements can be made which always has positive repercussions throughout any organisation – both on an individual and corporate level.

This not only has the effect of increased employee morale, but also leads to increased feel-good factor, productivity and most importantly, improved bottom-line.

Personal branding is not something airy-fairy that other people have to deal with.  We all have a personal brand whether we like it or not, it is up to each of us to manage that brand.

Corporate image programmes can be tailored to suit any organisation’s individual need – what works for a Forbes 100 type organisation will not be suitable for a new start-up or IT company.

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