The Cringe Factor and Your Bottom Line – Why you need to make the most of every opportunity.

Cringe-Factor_Image_MattersSpeaking with an associate recently, he recounted a story to me whereby he arrived at a new client meeting where his sales director was already present. He cringed when he saw his colleague. Why? Because of how unprofessional the man was dressed. Because of how poorly he looked in terms of his personal appearance – poor attention to detail, poor grooming, scruffy shoes, a shirt and tie that had seen better days. Overall, a generally unkempt appearance that was disappointing and not representative of the business as a professional and established organisation. Continue reading

6 Things you need to do to network successfully

As a professional in business or as a business owner, do you find yourself going to professional networking events without a really clear idea of what you want to gain from it?

Are your staff attending network events but wondering about the value of their efforts?

In this economic climate, professional networking is more important than ever if you want to be successful, win new business or connect with other like-minded people. However, the thought of networking leaves many people cold. To ensure the success of your professional networking endeavours, you need to:

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A picture paints a thousand words…..

Have you ever trawled through social media and made snap decisions about someone purely based on how their picture looks?  A simple search on Linkedin reveals a vast array of, dare I say it, scary, unprofessional profile pics that are totally unsuitable for anyone trying to promote a business or a career.
Are you uncomfortable with the thought of having your professional picture taken?  Have you ever felt that photographs do not do you justice?  Perhaps you have to have a professional portrait taken for business or for social media and dread the thought.
While being photogenic comes naturally to some people, for most, it can be a bit of an ordeal.  There are a few tricks that can help anyone look better in photos.  Here our top tips:

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In today’s image-obsessed society, there’s a lot more pressure on people to look the part, whether they are pitching to a new client, representing the corporate brand  or going for a job interview. To survive and thrive in the corporate world, it’s important to project a winning image of confidence, ability and style.  

As an employee, you have to think about your messaging – what is your appearance saying about you? Is it saying ‘I take pride in how I dress when going to work and I look impressive?’  Or,  ‘I couldn’t really be bothered dressing for work and I don’t look as if I have made any effort?’

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Be Smart, Look Smart for Career Success

Before you even think about updating your wardrobe, you need to update your mind-set.   Given that we spend more than a third of our lives at the office, it’s incredible that we often succumb to any old outfit to wear to work? And yet too often we’re happy to have a blow-out on a party dress that, when you consider its cost-per-wear ratio, makes no sense at all.

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How you present at work dictates how you are perceived

Yes, it’s true – how you present at work dictates how you are perceived; it is the ultimate in nonverbal communication and every woman wants to say ‘success’. So says Donna Karan who, for so many years has designed for the ‘career’ woman. She is the genius who coaxed so many women out of their 1980’s career clothes into elegant easy pieces for the office. Donna Karan was the lady who invented the concept of the capsule wardrobe and in so doing solved the problem of women thinking that to compete with a man they needed to dress like one!

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