The secret to powerful and confident dressing

Why is it that our mood is so often determined by the way we feel about ourselves.  If someone is feeling a bit low or lacks self-confidence, this is often reflected in what they wear.  On the other hand, if someone has a positive attitude and is confident, this will show in what they are wearing.
Rightly or wrongly, perception is everything in today’s highly visual world.  I always advise my clients (particularly if they are working in the corporate world), that they should learn to use their personal image as a way to control and propel their career success.

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The Rise of the Male-Peacock

Did you know that politicians love make-up? In these times of high definition television, even the most committed feminist TD’s  will have some make-up help in advance on going on camera.  But, according to a report from the Telegraph newspaper in the UK, the latest trend in Westminster is the rise of the male peacock.  In London, not even the most macho of male politicians are brave enough to face the cameras without a little bit of foundation to deal with shine or red-colour.

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In today’s image-obsessed society, there’s a lot more pressure on people to look the part, whether they are pitching to a new client, representing the corporate brand  or going for a job interview. To survive and thrive in the corporate world, it’s important to project a winning image of confidence, ability and style.  

As an employee, you have to think about your messaging – what is your appearance saying about you? Is it saying ‘I take pride in how I dress when going to work and I look impressive?’  Or,  ‘I couldn’t really be bothered dressing for work and I don’t look as if I have made any effort?’

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